Will Work for Recovery’s goals include; promoting pro social mentoring, building strong interpersonal skills, a fully functional gym, Jiu-Jitsu, Yoga, exercise classes, job preparation, referral to job resources, and a sense of hope and confidence for the future.

1. Restoring hope and mentoring men and women into becoming productive members of society.
2. Reducing community crime and the burden on the social service system by connecting newcomers with successful members in recovery and society at large.
3. Membership fees will be on a need to serve or pay on a sliding scale fee. All participants will be required to volunteer or pay a small fee for use of the facility, thus creating an environment that reduces the entitlement mentality.
4. Will Work for Recovery will partner up with sober living housing, halfway houses and treatment centers to provide an additional resource for long term recovery.
5. We will secure a 5000 to 7000sq ft building by lease or earnest money after our initial donation to start up, ideally located on a public transportation route outside the downtown Minneapolis or surrounding area.

Reduce- Alcohol/Drug Use & Overdose deaths-Crime- Homelessness-Assault (Domestic)-Recidivism- Suicide.
Develop-Healthy Habits-Recreation-Responsible Behavior-Conflict Resolution-Work Habits-Employment/Training Resources-Budgeting-Ethics-Manners-Communication.

Keys to Success
Establish a strong network of support with the community of people in recovery.
Launch a series of ongoing fundraising activities that will successfully fund the expanding programs and facility.
Establish and maintain corporate sponsors and foundation support.
Establish an effective mentoring program that will increase their ability to acquire and maintain successful sobriety.
Establish a monitoring system to protect both the newcomer and mentor.

Will Work for Recovery is organized as a Minnesota nonprofit 501c(3) corporation. Tax ID: 81-1965508. It was formed by Paul M. Bierch and Carolyn J. Niesche.