Your support makes it possible for our program to continue helping our members and to maintain an engaging environment that welcomes, attracts, and benefits new members.

Will Work For Recovery® is important to the local community and those it serves and has become an integral part of the life of many in recovery.

Your generosity is important. We don’t exist without it.  You make it possible to:

  • pay the rent
  • keep the lights on
  • heat the water
  • make strong coffee
  • provide office supplies
  • host a website
  • have activities – ping pong paddles and balls, foosball balls, board games
  • create activities for children attending with parents
  • have a few snacks and beverages (water)
  • maintain some basic workout equipment, a small gym is available

It is your contribution that helps make this program work for over 200 individuals. We greatly appreciate any financial help you can provide.