Vision & Mission

Vision: Our vision is of a 5,000 – 7,000 sq. ft. facility providing the services and activities that are necessary for individuals suffering from substance abuse disorders to rebuild their lives.

Mission: To restore hope and encourage individuals who are in recover from substance abuse disorders; one step at a time, one day at a time, one life at a time. To support their development into productive members of our communities.

About our-Founders-and about our-Board Members-

Why another program? Only through personal relationships can a sense of individual responsibility be re-established that will give men and women the commitment to follow through on a path to productivity in society, creating pride and accomplishment in life. Will Work for Recovery® has become an invaluable resource to many in the recovery community by providing mentors, building confidence for those in recovery, reducing recidivism and benefiting the community at large.

In General Will Work for Recovery’s primary objective is to provide a positive and structured community environment by instilling and restoring hope for men and women in recovery using a variety of positive activities.Will Work for Recovery is a direct response to the difficulty in lifestyle changes and habits created by substance abuse disorder. Primary focus will be on men and women 18 years of age and older.

Research and studies have proven long-term recovery is built and established through a community of people in recovery mentoring each other to inspire and encourage each other to become productive members of society.

Carolyn J. Niesche

Paul Bierch

Carolyn Niesche and Paul Bierch started Will Work For Recovery in 2016 as a way to pay forward the lessons and wisdom of their own recovery journeys.

Their personal stories include years of addiction and the dark experiences associated with it including imprisonment, lost relationships, and poverty – both financial and spiritual.

What they learned has become the basis of the Will Work for Recovery® program. Their recovery of full life and the joy it brings is what they experience and offer to others.
Will Work For Recovery® Board Members
Currently, all of our board members are individuals in long-term recovery.  Our board is comprised of professionals in the field as well as concerned persons who have a high positive impact and deep intuition about the needs of recovery.Chairperson – William Davidson
William is a small business owner in the transportation industry and has a background in promotions and marketing.

Secretary – Open

Treasurer (pro tempore} – Carolyne Niesche
Carolyne is an small business owner and entrepreneur and is a co-founder of Will Work For Recovery.

Board Member – John Coyle
John is a business owner and financial expert and takes great joy in working with others in the recovery community.

Board Member – Todd D. Johnston
Todd has been serving the recovery community for over thirty-five years with a deep resume of managing and directing programs in Minnesota. This includes programs at the Mn Department of Human Services as well as the Hazelden Betty Ford Addiction Treatment Center. Todd is an Adjunct/Community Faculty Member at St. Mary’s University.

Board Member – Mekdus Davidson
Mekdus is a real estate agent and small business owner in the transportation industry.

Board Member – Gracie Evans
Gracie serves the board as a community representative.